Which security gate is right for you?

So, whether you’re looking for safety gates, security gates or driveway gates we want to help you select the best electric gate for your needs. This blog provides you with an abundance of knowledge on all types of electric gates to help you select the correct one for you.

There is a number of security gates to pick from when choosing your perfect security gate and we’ve done the research and built up years of experience to provide this information to you in brief. There are three distinctive types of gates to help improve the look, security and functionality of your home and driveway and these are a single or dual swing gate, bi-fold gates and sliding gates. They have different purposes and can be adapted and selected to fit the purpose and needs of your driveway. As mentioned, there’s various functioning and material types of automated gates on offer.

Why get a security gate?

A huge reason why most people get driveway gates is to make their home aesthetically pleasing and this has been found to increase property prices by up to 5%. Therefore, financial and visual benefits alone you need to ensure you choose the right security gate, that can be custom made to suit your home and driveway.

Installing a driveway gate not only looks great, but also decreases the chance of intrusion occurring on your property as intruders such as burglars view it as a secure property, and it adds time to their process, massively decreasing the chances of an actual burglary attempt. For more information on the safety benefits provided by installing a security gate, check out our home security blog.

Picking your gate functionality

How your gate will function will largely depend on the surroundings of your gate, but ultimately it is your decision whether you’d like a sliding gate, a bifold gate or a swing gate. They all function differently and is largely dependent on the location of your security gate your automated gate preference.

Electric swing gates

A swing gate consists of one or two leaves to allow pedestrian entry without opening the whole gate and opening both arches to permit vehicle access. An automated swing gate allows ease of use and its function provides a choice of who and what has access to your driveway and home. The opening is usually done from the inside since the law states that your gate must not encroach on the public road. Please pay attention to the fact that a swing gate needs a considerable amount of space on your driveway to allow the swing gate to function properly.

Electric bi-fold gates

A Bi-fold gate typically is for driveways with less space available as it requires a smaller area to complete its function. The bi-fold gate permits access onto your property in an extremely stylish manner and is the perfect automated driveway gate for smaller areas. This is one of the many reasons to select this gate as your personal preference. In addition to saving space on the driveway, the bi-fold gate is also an excellent choice for when the driveway slopes up towards the house, making them well suited to properties located on a steep incline or hill.

Electric sliding gate

The sliding gate has an automated sliding function which is favourable in narrower driveways, and are, like the bi-fold gates, suited to sloping driveways. A sliding gate will be installed onto a drive rack and is has lateral functionality, permitting the sideward movement, allowing your automated sliding gate to operate in a small amount of space. You may wish for your sliding gate to open left or right, as desired and both types of functions are available with gates from ABCA Automation.

Automated Wooden Gates

A wooden gate, if installed and maintained correctly, is a large favourite of many homeowners as it provides a classy finish to your driveway. Softwood gates are made of Cedar or Redwood Pine, which is versatile, inexpensive and easily maintainable overtime. All softwoods are easy to work with, meaning that an electric wooden security gate can be adapted effortlessly by our experts to suit your needs.

Also, an electric wooden gate tends to be slightly cheaper to erect and maintain as the raw material cost is less. An automated wooden gate is extremely durable and unlike other materials tends to have a unique ageing process that many find very aesthetically pleasing. With the proper protective treatment your automated wooden gate will last for many years and show off its age beautifully.

Automated aluminium gates

Aluminium is a great material for driveway gates as it’s resistant to corrosion, lightweight and doesn’t discolour, rot, warp, crack or expand and contract. This results in your electric aluminium gate having a great lifespan, whilst increasing the price of your home and making you happier and prouder of your property.

Your aluminium security gates can be powder coated to your chosen colour and finish and laser etched to produce a patterned surface – adding to the uniqueness, flexibility and look of your automated aluminium driveway gate. Available in a wide variety of styles, aluminium security gates can be installed as swing gates (with one or two leaves) or sliding gates with a wide variety of automation options to suit your security gate situation.

Aluminium gates are suitable for both commercial and domestic gate installation and it is possible to power gate leaves of up to 7 metres wide and 3 metres high to again allow you to customise your perfect aluminium gate, suiting your exact needs.

Automated steel gates

There is a wide range of metal security gates for all situations including; residential, commercial and special security gate needs. ABCA Systems’ steel security gates are manufactured and installed to the highest standard, with designs that complement your property and enhance security for both your vehicle and pedestrian entrances. Steel security gates come with a lot of benefits and will easily add value to your home and make you prouder to bring people round.

Having an electric steel gate is naturally strong in strength and will improve the security of your home massively. A steel gate is corrosion resistant and will maintain it’s smart finish for years and may even last a lifetime. Due to the qualities steel gates possess, if a large impact hits this type of driveway gate, it may bend but steel gates do not break easily, and this could possibly give this security gate an edge on others.

Whatever automated driveway gate you decide upon, each variety has their benefits and if you prefer a certain material because you prefer the look or functionality, you should always pick the gate most suited to your personal needs. We suggest you choose your own safety gate material and we could assist you on selecting the best gate functionality for your driveway. Get in touch with us to arrange a FREE no obligation home survey now: Call us on 0333 305 0142 or email us at sales@abcasystems.co.uk.