Fire System Monitoring & Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance: keeping you compliant, keeping you safe, keeping you operational

You’ll probably know that British Standards recommends that your fire alarm system should be inspected and serviced by an accredited professional at least once every six months and every quarter for larger premises with more complex installations.

In providing that service, we know that you want confidence that it is reliable, professional, comprehensive, and that your subsequent evidence of compliance is immediately available should you need it. We also know that this is a cost which doesn’t directly contribute to your revenue, so value is important too.

Because we know this, our Monitoring and Maintenance Teams are trained to keep your compliance as their primary focus at all times. And, our national scale of operations, provided at a local level, means that we do that whilst maintaining a competitive pricing model which recognises that this is an essential cost you have to cover.

If you’re concerned that your current fire maintenance providers aren’t protecting your business effectively, or that they aren’t as cost effective as you would like, get a quote from ABCA.

Reactive Maintenance: Minimising risk and disruption to you and your business

Like any electrical item, occasionally fire alarm systems will malfunction. Effective maintenance will reduce the likelihood of this – but won’t eliminate the possibility altogether.

Where this happens, we know that speed of response is of critical importance, not just because of the danger to your staff, customers, and site visitors, but also because of the potential disruption it can cause to you and the operation of your business.

You don’t want to go to work knowing people are potentially at risk. You don’t want to shut down areas of your business. And you don’t want to have to chase suppliers to rectify the issue. None of these things will happen if you choose ABCA.

We know how concerned you’ll be about resolving issues efficiently; we understand the implications and we’ll care about it as much as you do. You won’t ever have to outline the importance to us of getting that alarm system fully operational again – with over 35 years of experience behind us, we already know.

If you're finding your reactive maintenance provider isn't quite as reactive as you expect, or if they simply aren't as cost-effective as you would like, request a free quote from us below.