Public Address & Voice Alarm

If you need to be able to alert your staff and customers to danger in seconds, trust ABCA for a system which won’t let you down.

The design and installation of Public Address/Voice Alarm Systems can be sophisticated as quite correctly, British Standards require stringent levels of audibility and intelligibility, as well as effective connections to the other elements of your alarm system.  In short, they’re pretty complex.

But, the early alert they are able to give to lots of people at the same time, means that they’re an invaluable tool in saving lives in the instance of fire.  Despite their unusual intricacy, ABCA has significant experience in designing and installing public address/voice alarm systems to enable our customers to immediately react to instances of fire. 

We’ll conduct a detailed evaluation of the space the system will serve, ensure standards compliance, and establish minimum sound pressure levels.  Once installed, we’ll perform post-installation speech intelligibility testing (called RASTI testing). 

And, of course, we’ll take extra care to maintain the system to the same high standards as all of our installations.  We’ll make a complicated system easy to use and trouble-free.

If you need help, guidance, or support regarding the installation of a new public address or voice alarm system, get a quote from ABCA below.