Fire Extinguishers

Ensuring you have the equipment to stay safe and stay compliant

Always seen but thankfully infrequently used, fire extinguishers are a critical part of making sure you are protected from the impact of a fire on-site and of making sure you comply with your regulatory requirements.

As part of our monitoring and maintenance services, we’ll also service your fire extinguishers to keep you compliant and to ensure that they are fully working in the unlikely event that you should ever need to use them.

As you’ll also need to make certain that an appropriate number of people are trained on how to use them – not just to keep you safe but to keep you legal – we’re happy to carry out that training too, as and when you need us to.

If you’re concerned that your current fire maintenance providers aren’t protecting your business effectively, efficiently, or that they aren’t as cost effective as you would like, get a quote from ABCA.