Fire Doors & Fire Penetration Sealing

An expert, independently certified service which maximises safety and value.

With routine inspections of fire doors a legal necessity to maintain fire safety in buildings, finding a partner who is qualified, reliable, proactive and whose competence has been independently verified is the key to staying compliant and protecting lives and livelihoods.

ABCA install, inspect and maintain to industry recognised standards, so immediately you can have peace of mind in relation to our ability to keep your people safe and your business on sure legal footing,  all within a pragmatic financial model.

Our fire stopping installations see us seal any openings to prevent fire, smoke and heat passing through multiple compartments of your building. Passive fire protected walls, floors and doors will also contain and delay the fire spreading.

Our FIRAS and NAFDI certified team are expert technicians who always look for the smartest solution; we’ll only install new doors if there is a genuine risk to compliance and/or safety and we’ll always look to provide the longest possible life for your fire doors, so they give you maximum value, combined with confidence in their performance, should they ever be needed.

If you need help, guidance or support about passive fire protection, get a quote from ABCA below.