Emergency Lighting

Helping you to navigate an essential element of fire protection with complex maintenance issues

After compliance, your first regard for your emergency lighting system will be to make sure that it doesn’t fail if it’s ever needed. And that’s our first regard too. So, we’ll always install and maintain systems with that singular primary objective. If it’s ever called for, your system won’t let you down and neither will we. We’ll always work to British Standards and your system will be there if required.

Maintenance of battery-operated emergency lighting systems

A secondary consideration is the maintenance of battery-operated emergency lighting systems. Maintenance law states that all battery-operated emergency lights need to be subjected to a full duration test. That’s difficult because it would mean you couldn’t safely occupy your building again until sufficient re-charge had occurred.

As your business’ continuity is of central importance to us, we’ll work to a 6 monthly partial discharge test on each unit. That way we keep your business safe but operational at the same time.

If you need help, guidance, or support regarding the installation of a new emergency lighting system, get a quote from ABCA below.