Automatic Doors

Maximising value for money and operational lifespan

Over the past 35 years, ABCA have installed a great many automatic doors across a wide variety of buildings and business sectors. Clearly, they have many benefits, from providing disabled access through to optimising energy efficiency. And, of course they come in many forms – such as sliding, swing or revolving.

We know from experience that what’s important to our clients is ensuring that their investment in Automatic Doors gives them the best balance between short term cost, long term value for money and minimised operational disruption.

So that is exactly how our services are structured. Firstly, we’ll design with you, to ensure that we manage your installation budget effectively. Secondly, our technicians will make sure your door system is installed to the highest possible standard, endorsed and controlled by our ADSA Membership. Thirdly, we’ll help you to maximise the lifespan and value of your doors through cost-effective periodical servicing and maintenance. It is these 3 key steps which will enable you to optimise both value for money and operational consistency. If that’s what you’re looking for with your new installation, why not get in touch.

Our Automatic Door Service
in 3 Steps

1. Collaborative Design Process
2. ADSA certified Installation
3. Cost-effective Maintenance

Automatic Door Servicing & Maintenance

If you have existing Automatic Doors and are looking for a new provider to service and maintain them, ABCA can help. We know the frustration involved when automatic doors malfunction and given that they are often the primary route into a building, the critical importance of reacting immediately to any problems which may arise. We also know that servicing and maintenance needs to be cost-effective given that the benefits of this service are largely unseen. We’re confident that if you choose our ADSA certified technicians to look after you, you’ll find that you have a service which minimises disruption and unnecessary costs and maximises the lifespan and operational stability of your installed products.