Community Involvement

Helping communities, not just companies

Whilst our primary focus is always on protecting people and businesses from harm, we also have a strong belief in our responsibility to support the communities we come across through our work. Such investment is ongoing and ever adapting as we encounter more opportunities to offer assistance to projects where we can make a difference. Examples include:

  • The sponsorship of grass roots sport, for example continued investment in Wallsend Boys Club.
  • Offering financial support to the building of a new gym in Graham Park Estate, home to one of the communities we work within on behalf of Notting Hill Housing Group.
  • Continued involvement in the Government Kickstart scheme.
  • Working with partners to enhance and develop the housing provided by our clients to their residents, such our programme of investment at Riverside Housing.

Dedicated to ethical employment

ABCA are committed to providing our staff with a compassionate, fair, and enjoyable work environment. Many of our accreditations endorse our work in this area, most notably in promoting equality and diversity and standing against modern slavery. We also always ensure that all ABCA employees are paid no less than the National Living Wage. Our simple objective is to offer the people who represent our company a place where they feel at home, appropriately supported and where they can thrive in their professional career.

Supporting local people

As we operate nationwide, our work transcends many local communities. In every village, town, city, or region that we work, we always seek to create long-term, full-time employment for people local to the area.

We also support those people with investment in training, development, and knowledge acquisition to improve local aptitudes and skillsets, so we are always doing our bit to help upskill the areas we find ourselves working within.