Judge us by the company we keep

Our accreditations endorse the quality of our business and give you peace of mind that you’ve employed trusted experts, who will ensure you remain compliant to required standards regulations. We use these endorsements to define our practice, not to tick boxes.


What it means to you
ISO 45001
The International Standard for Health & Safety, ISO 45001 gives you certainty that we work to the highest standards of workplace safety.
The International Standard for Environment Management, ISO14001 demonstrates that we take the environmental impact of our work seriously, that we measure and record it and that you’re working with a company that is ethically responsible.
The Internationally recognised standard for Quality Management, our ISO9001 accreditation gives you confidence that we take quality seriously and that we monitor and manage it effectively across our entire business.
Our Constructionline Gold Membership not only tells you that we meet high standards in our specifications and workmanship. The accreditation also gives you assurance that you’re working with a business whose credentials in relation to environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery and anti-bribery and corruption have been independently verified. You can have peace of mind that we are both a qualitatively and ethically sound business.
Safe Contractor
Safe Contractor Approval is an accreditation scheme promoting outstanding practice in health & safety, equal opportunities, diversity, and environmental management. It tells you that we’ve been independently endorsed as compliant in health & safety, so you know we are doing the right things in the right way.
CHAS is the UKs leading accreditation scheme for risk management. Our CHAS Premier membership independently verifies our experience and expertise across a number vital company standards such as health & safety, quality, financial stability, support for the environment, equal opportunities and diversity, anti-bribery, modern slavery, CSR and GDPR compliance. That means you can be sure that across all key areas of business, we are consistent, responsible, and highly proficient.


What it means to you
BAFE Fire Safety Register: Alarms
The BAFE Fire Safety Register provides independent evidence that providers are highly competent to design, deliver, install, commission and maintain fire detection and alarm systems. Our presence on the register says that you performed appropriate due diligence by appointing a supplier who has been accredited to the highest standard in the design and installation of your fire detection/alarm system.
BAFE Fire Safety Emergency Lighting
The BAFE Fire Safety Register also applies to Emergency Lighting and provides the same levels of confidence that you have performed appropriate due diligence when choosing an emergency lighting supplier to ensure they are highly reputable and their work is of an excellent standard.
LPCB 1014
LPCB 1014 is an independent accreditation of capability in the installation for fire detection and alarm systems. It gives you peace of mind that our work will meet statutory requirements for both the fire brigade and your insurance company.
FIRAS is a certification scheme for installation contractors of both passive and active fire protection, ensuring that they meet British Standards. Our accreditation means that you know that your system meets British Standards and is compliance assured.
For customers where fire door inspection is part of our service, our NAFDI membership gives you complete confidence that we conduct our work to the highest recognised industry standard and that our membership keeps us as the forefront of quality and competency in fire door inspection work.


What it means to you
NSI Gold
NSI Gold is the most widely recognised mark of approval in security and fire safety. Our NSI gold status tells you that we meet the industry’s highest technical standards, have management committed to continued excellence and are financially robust and well operated.
ADSA is a code of practice for the provision and installation of safety devices for automatic, power operated door systems. Our membership means that if we are installing automatic doors as part of your project, you’ll have peace of mind that they are installed to British standards in terms of specification, compliance and safety.
DHF is a trade association for companies designing and installing doors, gates and barriers. ABCA’s membership tells you we are committed to excellence in the provision of these products.


What it means to you
NECEIC is an accreditation scheme which endorses the quality of electrical work undertaken by UK businesses. ABCA’s endorsement by this scheme means that any electrical work we undertake for you always meets the British industry standard BS 7671.


What it means to you
CAI Plus
The CAI is the association for audio visual professionals. Our membership of CAI means that if your installation involves broadcast equipment, then you’ll benefit from the knowledge that we have been certified as highly competent and reputable in relation to these works by the UK’s leading trade association.