Focus on doing what you do best whilst we protect your people and property from harm, damage and disruption.

Even with the best of intentions, the risk of fire is always there. We make that risk as small as it can possibly be, so as to maximise the protection of your business, your staff, and your customers. We’ll also be focused on ensuring the performance and maintenance of your fire systems don’t cause unnecessary disruption to your operations.

BAFE and LPS 1014 certified, our comprehensive UK-wide products and services will give you the protection you need based around your individual circumstances. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ve got a solution and a setup which never compromises risk, is fully compliant to all regulations, but also practical, value for money and does not cause you any issues with business continuity.

Whether you have one site or 200 sites, we can help you to stay compliant, protect the lives of those you’re responsible for and prevent fire risk from being something you ever need to worry about.

What are my legal responsibilities regarding fire?

Fire regulations can appear quite complicated for those who don’t work in the industry, if that’s you then we have put together a useful guide to help cut through the confusion.  Feel free to download, hopefully it will help if you’re not sure of what you are and are not responsible for within your business.

Should I use a temporary fire alarm or waking watch?

There are increasing calls for Fire Alarms to replace Waking Watch systems in order to provide a more robust and cost-effective way to reduce the risks posed by fire.  But what are the benefits of substituting one for the other and what kind of Fire Alarm system should you install?  Downloading our guide will help you to navigate this important issue, which has vital implications for those we seek to protect.

Download our fire responsibilities guide.

Temporary Fire Alarm vs. Waking Watch – see how much you can save.

How to make your Business fully
Fire Safety Compliant

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3. Relax with the peace of mind that your business is protected.

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