Every year around 3.5 million fires occur worldwide and with the average time for a fire to spread being just under five minutes you have to ensure your buildings made to help save the lives of your employees. Whilst the yearly assets burnt is in the billions, the annual fire death toll is just above 45,000. We’re aware these are some devastating figures and want you to feel comfortable knowing your business has done everything in its power to save lives should the worst happen.


Passive Fire Protection Installation

As a building owner it’s your duty to ensure all the correct fire safety requirements are installed and it’s our job to provide your building with these measures. One of the methods we utilise is penetration seals which are vital in upholding compartmentation and preventing the spread of the fire within the building and these are a key requirement for your building and its contents safety.

Passive Fire Protection Maintenance

Our fire penetration systems that we provide and install are cost-effective and prevent the spread of the fire, smoke and toxic gases, so you can sleep easy knowing you’ve done all you can for the lives and assets inside your building. These sealing systems include Intumescent mastics, Ablative Batts, fire barriers and fire compounds.


Passive fire protection is an extremely integral part of your workplace. We create passive fire protection by compartmentalising the building, creating small sectors to delay fires spreading in the building.

In our fire stopping installations we seal any openings to prevent fire, smoke and heat passing through multiple compartments of your building. We install passive fire protected walls to contain and delay the fire spreading by installing fire protected walls, floors and doors. With three quarters of fire deaths being caused by smoke and 60% occur in rooms where the fire didn’t originate from, these seals literally save lives.

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