For over 30 years we have been looking to ensure that both the financial and human costs of fire are kept to a bare minimum, which is why our highly accredited fire alarm systems have been approved and recommended by such a variety of home and business owners, operating on such a variety of scales. If you would like to explore the high levels of safety only provided by an ACBA Systems fire alarm then contact a member of our customer services team on 0333 121 0999 and they will be happy to show you the wide range of options available to you.


Fire Alarm Installation

In order to get the best from any product, it is vital to have an intrinsic understanding of the problems which it is designed to combat. The fire alarm technicians employed by ABCA Systems are not only specialists in the technical application of fire alarm installation, but are also able to draw on their combined decades of experience to ensure that everything is optimally positioned to offer the earliest possible warning to both those inside the relevant building and the emergency services. Installation itself is quick and easy, and includes a simple explanation of how to use the fire panel to help you to get the very best results from the very best fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Nobody takes the safety of their clients more seriously than ABCA Systems, which is why we don’t just install high quality fire alarms, we offer round the clock maintenance to ensure that they are always running at optimum levels for unbeatable levels of safety. You can choose the level of cover which best suits your needs, but whichever option you take you will always have access to our 24/7 hotline, manned with staff trained to keep your system running hassle free. Many issues can be handled by our remote technicians, but we also have highly trained roaming technicians who specialise in fire alarm maintenance, ready to be dispatched to you at a moment’s notice.

Over the last 30 years fire alarm installations by ABCA Systems have saved companies across the UK not only a fortune financially, but countless lives thanks to the unparalleled quality of the detectors and early warning systems that we continue to update, but also the highly skilled and experienced nature of the dedicated fire alarm specialists who install them.

Thanks to their unique understanding of not only the risks of fire in any given building or area, but also how fire can spread, they are in a unique position to be able to offer you total peace of mind as well as an exceptional service. Regardless of the scale of the area which you wish to secure, they will always be able to ensure tremendous levels of knowledge when it comes to both fire alarm installation and maintenance, which is just one of the reasons why ABCA systems continues to be at the forefront of this life saving technology.

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