If you or anyone that you know could benefit from induction loop technology, please feel free to get in contact. Our customer services team can be contacted on 0333 121 0999 and they can answer any question you might have. Whether you require more information on the technology itself and the results it can produce, or you would like to arrange an appointment to talk with one of our induction loop specialists, we are only a phone call away so feel free to pick up the phone and start the process towards changing someone’s life for the better today.


Induction Loop Installation

When dealing with something as sensitive as hearing, installation is hugely important. Not only is it vital that the system is of the highest quality, but that it is installed in a manner that will ensure the best possible results in that given setting. ABCA Systems have performed induction loop installations for everything from taxis to concert halls, and when you are dealing with such a wide range of spaces and acoustics it is important that you choose only the most experienced professionals to assist you. Our technicians will use their experience and understanding to ensure that the system is installed with the best possible results for you, your loved one or your guests.

Induction Loop Maintenance

This is why ABCA Systems offers a variety of levels of maintenance and service cover, so that you can choose an option that suits you, while remaining safe in the knowledge that at a moment’s notice any one of our 24 hour standby technicians can be dispatched to solve your issues.

The prospect of losing one of your senses is always going to be something which represents a huge challenge.

However, technology is constantly improving to ensure the highest possible quality of life for everyone and amazing breakthroughs are being made. One of the most well known in this particular field are induction loops – high quality systems designed to assist people with hearing impairment and filter sound sources for background noise before feeding them directly into the hearing aid.

The results are similar to watching HDTV for the first time; taking the same information and making it that much clearer and sharper. Over the last 25 years, ABCA systems has been one of the pioneers in this area, providing the highest quality systems up and down the UK.

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