ABCA Time and Attendance


ABCA’s original speciality was time and attendance systems. Albeit the business has diversified its portfolio since, we’ve not forgotten our roots. Systems requiring time and attendance design, supply and maintenance, are still an important string to our bow.

Our dedicated Time and Attendance division is available to cater to all your requirements. ABCA’s time and attendance systems are fully automated with precise and meaningful reports available at the click of a button, saving you both time and effort in manually recording attendances.

ABCA Systems offers design, supply and install of products, as well as maintenance of existing systems.


With the recent advances in technology, and the ability of employees to loose swipe cards or proximity readers, the ABCA HANDSCANNER has been a great success. The handscanner assures employees are present to clock in and give accurate and detailed time recording, especially when linked with the new AT Premium software package.


A simple and effective clocking system, which can be stand-alone or PC linked. This offers true proximity reading and accurate time keeping and is used in many different forms of industry including for the following functions:

  • Patrol + Guard Your Management
  • Report System
  • Identification of Personnel
  • Identification of Containers
  • Identification of Cars and Trucks

Download the product brochure for further information  ABCA Systems COGARD 

Case Study

Utilising Autotime Premium software, ABCA provided a fully integrated time and attendance and access control package to Altringham Plastics, who employ over 500 staff.

The system included 4 Biometric Handscanners allowing staff to clock in and out from 2 entrances, with additional 6 Handscanners installed for managing sensitive, restricted access areas through integrating the Handscanners with the existing door access system.
The time and attendance system was programmed with a direct link to Sage Payroll allowing a simple payroll process.