Top Security Tips for your Business

It’s an old maxim of medicine that prevention is cheaper than the cure, but it is also a pretty sound piece of advice when it comes to protecting your business. Having a high quality security is not only the best way to keep your insurance costs down, but also the most effective way of deterring would be thieves from even targeting your place of work. It is a well-known fact that they will look for those systems which haven’t been as well maintained and see them as targets, but it is just as important to know where you are putting the security, so that if it is required it will have the maximum effective.

CCTV ABCA Systems Security Tips

What to Secure?

The most important place to put your CCTV is by the front door. It is the most important and obvious way to make a clear and obvious display of security to prospective burglars. Before they decide to explore the weakest point of entry they will often get an idea just by driving past the front of homes and businesses. Having a strong and obvious security presence at the front of your building is vital. Criminals will often be brazen enough to walk up to the door, knock on it and see if anyone responds before kicking the door in. It’s the most common point of entry for burglars in both the home and business so make it clear that if they even try and scope things out here, that they will be on CCTV. It is also a good idea to place an intruder alarm on the building as well.

Perhaps the most surprising thing for many business owners looking to set up CCTV is how many crimes are committed via a first floor window. When you think about it, it perhaps isn’t that surprising, after all, you only need a ladder for easy entry because so many of those higher up windows are left without much attention. Typically, this takes a bit of privacy so make sure that you have CCTV set up down the sides of your building and at the rear as well.

However, the main reason to have cameras around the back is to cover the back door. Don’t forget that one of the main reasons that people will approach from here is that they can’t be seen from the street so make sure that they are placed high up and out of reach. In fact, whenever you put cameras make sure they are high up so that they can’t be smashed by rocks or damaged easily.

We Can Help

By covering these points of entry with well positioned cameras you will catch accurate face footage of 80% of burglars at your property. If you need some advice on how to accurately install cameras for your business in the best possible places then get in touch with the team at ABCA Systems who are not only specialists when it comes to providing high quality CCTV systems, but also appreciate the importance of making sure that they are placed properly in order to protect your business.

Article by Philip Miller

Philip Miller is Managing Director at ABCA Systems, with a heavy bias on the business development side and works closely with other directors to grow the company in a profitable way.