Business Security – Why should I care?

We are always very good at sorting out security in our home. After all, it is where we feel most secure, where our family is and where we keep our most cherished personal possessions and memories. Yet when it comes to our businesses, we don’t always consider how important it is to be on top of security at our place of work. In our blog this week we take a look at why it is important to make sure we place just as much emphasis on securing our business as we do our home.

ABCA Business Security

Why Protect your Business?

Firstly, it is in the best interests of your business as a whole. Having proper security has a number of benefits. In the main, a clear and obvious security presence acts as a strong deterrent to any would be thieves operating in the area. Criminals will generally take the easiest options. They don’t want to be concerned by anything which might increase the likelihood of them ending up behind bars so if they can see modern cameras and technology around your building chances are that they will give it a miss.

The other obvious benefit comes in the form of your insurance. Investing in proper security will have a really noticeable effect on your insurance premiums. In part this is because of the reason outlined above, but also because proper security makes it less likely that even an attempted burglary will be successful.

However, there are different types of motivation when it comes to theft, and they require different types of security measures to counteract them. When you think about your business, there is normally an innovation at the heart of it which is what makes it a success. In many cases, this intellectual property can be the source of interest and envy from rivals in the business world. So when you think of security for your business, don’t just secure your building but secure your data with strong security measures across your computer systems and employee access codes.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to make sure that you take your business security measures seriously is the people who work there. Both you and your employees should be able to work in a comfortable and secure environment. After all, a safe workplace is a happy one and by making sure that your staff never need to worry about security issues you are going a long way to ensuring that you are getting the most out of the people you work with.

Get in Touch

If you need advice on any sort of security measures then get in contact with the team at ABCA Systems. We will be happy to offer our advice, built on years of experience in the security industry to help turn your business from a target, into somewhere that it would be a waste of time trying to attack. We have a variety of systems available at a variety of levels to ensure that whatever type of business you run, we are able to take care of you and your employees in the best possible way.

Article by Philip Miller

Philip Miller is Managing Director at ABCA Systems, with a heavy bias on the business development side and works closely with other directors to grow the company in a profitable way.